Oracle SOA Expert Series

We’ve been talking about this for a couple years now, but finally did it. The idea is to take the very popular Open World panel session called “Oracle SOA Suite Tips and Tricks from Oracle Engineering and A-team” and bring this content to a much wider audience via webinar. We tested the waters with the first webinar in Jan, 2016 and it was even more successful than we had hoped.

We are now extending this into a larger series, to promote sharing of knowledge and expertise with the SOA Suite community at large. We have the commitment of product management and the A-team and lots of good content from engineering, partners as well as customers. So, please check out the information below and register for the series.

And, please email any suggestions you have for future topics or proposals you have to present content of your own.

Upcoming Events

We are now planning the next few webinars, targeting early in the new year to kick off the 2017 series.

Check back regularly as we plan out future events or email to be put on the mailing list for an invitation.


Past Events

Thurs Dec 15th, 2016, 9AM PST

Oracle Service Bus Internals – from the Oracle Internal SOA Blackbelt Training

Note: If you attended the session and are looking for the docs, see below. And *please* fill out the feedback survey!

This session is delivered by Mike Muller of the Oracle A-team, with many years of deep expertise in the Oracle Service Bus. The content comes from the “SOA Blackbelt Training” which was previously used within Oracle to provide deep internal and architectural understanding of components within the SOA Suite.

Attendees will receive a highly advanced and deeply technical presentation on some of the nitty-gritty internal details of the Oracle Service Bus and is intended for developers and architects who already have a good understanding of OSB. Trust us, if you are looking for an intro or overview of OSB, this session is not a good use of your time. But if you want to go from being an experienced OSB developer to the next level, we think this content will be perfect and is only available here. Topics on the agenda include:

  • the service bus threading model
  • weblogic thread management
  • work managers
  • throttling
  • transactions

Participants in this session include:

  • Mike Muller from the Oracle A-team presenting
  • David Shaffer of Middleworks, moderating and providing additional resources

Session Content

Full session slides: Consolidated session slides

Consolidated Q&A

Session recording: SO SORRY – there was a glitch in the recording and we only have the second 1/2 of the session. We are working with Mike to re-record the first half (and the extra content we didn’t get to) but in the meantime, you can view the recording of the second half of the session.

November 15th, 2016, 9AM PST

Oracle Managed File Transfer for SOA Customers:
Overview, Demo, Q&A with Product Mgmt, Engineering and Partners

This session provides a basic product introduction to Oracle MFT from the product management team, along with real-world implementation experience and advice from an experienced SOA partner doing a cloud MFT implementation. Nearly all SOA Suite customers have needs for moving files around using managed file transfer approaches and now that Oracle has a SOA Suite component offering this functionality, we want to answer the typical questions SOA customers have around MFT, such as: what does it do and how does it work? When should I use MFT vs the SOA Suite file capabilities? What are other SOA customers doing with Oracle MFT today? Etc.

Participants in this session include:

  • Dave Berry from the Oracle Service and Cloud Integration prod mgmt team, responsible for the MFT product, providing a product overview, release timeline and demo
  • Ben Kothari of Ampliflex, talking about lessons learned and best practices from implementing MFT in the cloud for a SOA Suite 12c transportation services customer, including integrating with MFT to HR systems (e.g. Fusion HCM, Taleo, payroll, benefit providers)
  • David Shaffer of Middleworks, moderating and providing additional resources

Session Content:

Consolidated session slides

Listen to the full session recording (note, the screen is blank for just the first few seconds…)

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And, if you are an MFT user, please fill out the MFT product survey for the Oracle MFT engineering team

(OpenWorld) Mon Sept 19, 3PM PDT – Upgrading to Oracle SOA Suite 12c: Tips and Best Practices

This session is based on the popular SOA Expert series webinar, but has 3 new speakers (Jay Kasi from the Oracle SOA product mgmt team talking about some of the “lift-and-shift” capabilities Oracle is working on to help customers upgrade and move to cloud, and IEEE and MultiPlan – two customers who have completed upgrades talking about their experiences). While we won’t have a recording of the event, the slides are all available for download here, along with some bonus slides from the Oracle internal IT team describing their upgrade to 12c.

OpenWorld Upgrade session slides (PDF with all slides)

Oracle Application Labs SOA upgrade presentation

Weds Apr 6, 9AM PDT – Upgrading to SOA Suite 12c:
Tips and Best Practices from Engineering, Customers and A-team

(For those of you who have already upgraded to 12c, or are planning to in the next 12 months, please fill out our survey.)

In this webinar, we put together a panel to share tips, tricks and best practices for upgrading to SOA Suite 12c. By now, many customers have made this transition, but there are still a very large base of 11g installations. This session shared real world experiences and lessons learned from those who have been down this path to those who will follow. As usual, we had an active panel with brief, focused presentations and pointers to much more content which can be digested following the session. On the panel were the SOA product management/engineering team responsible for the upgrade, and partners describing the easiest and hardest parts of their upgrades, as well as very vigorous Q&A via the chat interface. We are now working on compiling the chat discussion into a consolidated Q&A document and will publish that here when available.

Included on the panel or available for chat questions:

  • Antony Reynolds and Jay Kasi from the Oracle Service and Cloud Integration prod mgmt team, responsible for 12c upgrades, providing an overview and best practices for upgrade and describing a customer case study
  • Danilo Schmiedel of Opitz, an Oracle ACE Director talking about lessons learned and best practices from a 12c upgrade experience
  • Deepak Arora of the Oracle A-Team with some upgrade recommendations
  • David Shaffer of Middleworks, moderating and providing a list of additional resources
  • Kathryn Lustenberger from the Oracle Service and Cloud Integration prod mgmt team responsible for this series
  • Vamsee Goruganthu from the Oracle QA team, responsible for SOA 12c upgrade QA

If you attended the session, or view the recording below, PLEASE fill out our feedback survey to help us choose future session topics at:

View a Recording of the session

Download the Presentation (pdf)

Consolidated Q&A from the session (pdf)


January 12th, 2016 Oracle SOA Suite Tips and Tricks webinar:

This session recreated the 2015 Oracle Open World SOA Tips and Tricks session in a webinar format. It includes key suggestions for your SOA Suite 11g and 12c implementations from the Oracle A-team, SOA engineering team, partners and customers. This session has presentations by:

  • Joe Kardamis from The Sherwin-Williams Company, talking about agile development methodology with SOA
  • Antony Reynolds from the Oracle Service (SOA) & Cloud Integration Product Management team, talking about error handling and managing your dehydration store
  • Sherwood Zern of the Oracle A-Team with some common issues seen in Oracle Service Bus implementations
  • David Shaffer of Middleworks, sharing tips from the SOA engineering team on working with large schemas in JDeveloper’s XSLT mapping tool

View a Recording of the session

Download the Presentation (pdf)

Useful Links from the session