New!! Middleworks has teamed up with Dave Berry and Quick Fours to offer the industry’s first and only Oracle Managed File Transfer training!

Oracle MFT 12c public class offered Nov 28-29, 2017. $1499/student with group and advance registration discounts available. Contact to register or for more information.

Oracle Managed File Transfer (MFT) has been growing steadily in adoption, as it is a perfect complement to the other components within SOA Suite for organizations who need to send and receive files with trading partners, customers and others. However, there is currently no MFT training available in the market (from Oracle or otherwise), so Middleworks has teamed up with Dave Berry, of Quick Fours, to create a two-day, hands-on training course for getting your developers, architects and administrators up to speed with Oracle MFT. Based on the latest 12.2.1.X release, this course is available in a “live-virtual” web-delivery format, as well as on-site for customers and may be scheduled as public web training. Key modules in the class are shown below and the full course syllabus can be found here.

Oracle MFT 12c Development Class (2-day)

  • Understanding Oracle Managed File Transfer
  • Designing Artifacts: Transfers, Sources and Target
  • Monitoring File Transfers
  • MFT Administration
  • MFT Security
  • Advanced Transfers
  • Integrating With Other Products
  • MFT Utilities and API’s
  • Processing Transfers with Java Callouts

For more information, or to schedule a class, contact Dave Shaffer at or 415.226.9762.

Middleworks is now offering our own SOA Suite 12c and OSB 12c Development training. With ICS Training soon to come…

Middleworks specializes in only Oracle Integration and has instructors with hands-on project expertise as well as strong presentation skills to impart real-world knowledge to students as they learn the functionality of these diverse and sophisticated technologies. We can be more flexible, higher quality and often more cost effective than alternative training options for these products.

Introduction to SOA Suite 12c Development

This course provides a 5-day hands-on introduction to Oracle SOA Suite version 12c. Recently updated for version 12.2, this course includes everything a new Oracle Integration developer will need to know to be productive developing SOA Composites, using the adapters and JDev, securing, testing and deploying composites, processes and services.

Key modules include:

  • Intro to SOA
  • Composite Applications
  • Managing and Monitoring a Composite App
  • Managing Data
  • Adapters
  • REST
  • Long-running Processes (BPEL)
  • Fault Handling
  • Workflow and Human Tasks
  • Oracle Business Rules
  • SOA Testing and Debugging
  • SOA Security
  • Business Events
  • Team Development
  • Advanced Topics
  • Integrating from SOACS Back to On-prem

Please see the SOA 12c Development detailed course syllabus

Introduction to Oracle Service Bus 12c Development

This course provides a 4-day hands-on introduction to Oracle Service Bus version 12c. Lectures and lab exercises include everything a new OSB developer will need to know to be productive developing services with REST and SOAP interfaces, using the adapters and JDev to integrate with a wide variety of back-end systems, securing, testing and deploying services.

Key modules include:

  • Introduction to OSB
  • Getting Started with OSB
  • Basics of Message Flow
  • Validating Messages and Error Handling
  • Transforming Messages
  • Routing Messages
  • Enriching Messages
  • Processing Messages with Concurrent Calls
  • Adapters and Transports
  • Reliable Messaging
  • Securing Services
  • Advanced Topics

Please see the OSB 12c Development detailed course syllabus

Advanced SOA Training (aka the “SOA Blackbelt Training”)

This training is intended for Oracle SOA Suite developers who have taken an introductory training from Oracle or who have participated in a SOA Suite implementation project. Much of the content was developed by the Oracle product management team and delivered previously in workshop formats and is intended to help turn SOA developers into experts. It covers many of the internals of the SOA Suite platform and advanced topics around components such as the SOA Composite, BPEL engine, Mediator and MDS. It is not an introductory or overview course but rather assumes a basic working knowledge of the SOA platform and goes deep into areas such as fault handling, performance tuning, transaction management, etc. The content is based on SOA Suite 11g, but is much more focused on BPEL and the SOA Composite engine, with little coverage of OSB.

The Advanced SOA class is hands-on, instructor-led training with a mixture of lecture and lab exercises as well as discussion among the students and the instructors. Come prepared to discuss your specific project challenges and also to share your experiences as we find that in an advanced course such as this, the students can learn a great deal from each other, beyond the structured content provided.

Note: the SOA Blackbelt training was offered publicly for SOA Suite 11g, but is not currently available as a public class. The Oracle SOA product management team plans to work with us to update this training for the latest 12c and cloud integration offerings, but we don’t currently have a timeline for that.

SOA Concept Training

Developed for a customer who wanted a reasonably product independent introduction to the concepts of SOA for their engineers who were new to the approach, this course is available in 2-4 day on-site formats. Lectures and lab exercises expose students to all the foundations of SOA, including:

  • SOA Introduction and Business Benefits
  • Key SOA Standards
  • Architectural Foundation: Web Services
  • SOA Architecture and Services
  • SOA Ecosystem
  • BPEL Deep Dive
  • SOA Governance
  • Business Process Modeling and BPMN
  • SOA Best Practices
  • SOA Methodology and Reference Architecture
  • SOA Vendor Platforms

Hands-on lab exercises can be done with simple individual tools to remain mostly vendor independent or with the Oracle SOA Suite.

Other Classes

Contact us for more information on the above classes or if you are interested in training not described above. We have the ability to develop custom classes and also have access to training partners and other class materials to license for delivery to customers.